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2013 Dakar Stages:

Jan. 5 - Stage 1: Lima (Peru) - Pisco - total distance 263 km: 250 km liaison and 13 km special (shortest stage in the 2013 edition)
Jan 6 - Stage 2: Pisco - Pisco (loop) total distance 327 km: 85 km liaison; 242 km special
Jan 7 - Stage 3: Pisco - Nazca - total distance 343 km: 100 km liaison; 243 km special
Jan 8 - Stage 4: Nazca - Arequipa - total distance 718 km: 429 km liaison; 289 special
Jan 9 - Stage 5: Arequipa - Arica - total distance 411 km: 275 km liaison; 136 km special
Jan 10- Stage 6: Arica - Calama - Total distance 767 km: 313 km liaison; 454 km special
Jan 11 - Stage 7: Calama - Salta (rally enters Argentina) - total distance 806 km: 586 km liaison; 220 km special
Jan 12 - Stage 8: Salta - Tucuman - total distance 738 km: 247 liaison; 491 km special
Jan 13: REST DAY in Tucuman, Argentina
Jan 14 - Stage 9: Tucuman - Cordoba - total distance 852 km: 259 km liaison; 593 km special (longest stage of the 2013 edition)
Jan 15 - Stage 10: Cordoba - La Rioja - total distance 636 km: 279 km liaison; 357 km special
Jan 16 - Stage 11: La Rioja - Fiambala - total distance 483 km: 262 km liaison; 221 km special
Jan 17 - Stage 12: Fiambala - Copiaco (rally enters Chile) - total distance 715 km: 396 km liaison; 319 km special
Jan 18 - Stage 13: Copiaco - La Serena - total distance 735 km: 294 km liaison; 441 km special
Jan 19 - Stage 14: La Serena - Santiago- total distance 630 km: 502 liaison; 128 km special.
Jan 20 -Closing ceremony Santiago.


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